2015 Hall of Fame Event Schedule

Tues, Wed, Thursday 
Advanced Forge Course & Certification practice

Certification and Upgrading at all levels
Blacksmithing with Daniel Riffe, Making Farrier Tools and Knives
EFT Refresher Course free for past EFT graduates provided by Dan Marcum

Saturday 9am-6pm
RSVP Luncheon  12pm-1:30pm (for BWFA members, their friends & family)

  • BWFA Farrier hall of Fame awards and Auction
  • Rick Wheat, 2015 Inductee

Meet and greet “Learning from the Masters”

  • Max Williams, the “Forge Master” handmade shoes & a lifetime of advice as a farrier & educator
  • Dan Marcum, Equine Massage Therapy, Infrared Thermal Imaging, shoeing for a living
  • Chris Glover, new Equine Light Therapy; Infrared and red light therapy, & operating a paperless farrier business, from student to professional farrier for over 20 years
  • Link Casey, BWFA President with current & incoming Board Members 
  • Ronney DeBoard, BWFA Farrier Certification Chairman
  • Keith Seeley, Lameness, The BWFA and FNRC past 26 year history