The History of

The Brotherhood of Working Farriers

The BWFA, or Brotherhood of Farriers Association, was originally formed on December 10, 1901 by the late Talmadge Young, Bob L. Casey and Elliot Sams. It was formed for the SOLE PURPOSE of having an organization, "Where a person would not be discriminated upon in learning the horseshoeing trade due to his former public education." In July of 1989, the word "working" was added and we are now known as The Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association.

    The BWFA MASTER EDUCATORS was formed by a group of concerned horseshoeing school-owners along with the members of the BWFA. The purpose of forming the BWFA ME is to allow the school-owner a stronger voice in the educational direction of the horseshoeing industry and give them the ability to certify their own students under a national certification program. The BWFA guidelines have been accepted by the MASTER EDUCATORS as a uniform testing format.

    The BWFA and BWFA MASTER EDUCATORS are organizations with members who are dedicated career oriented farriers and educators with the insight to build the farriery trade into a professional business by showing respect to fellow members and farriers as brothers and not as competitors.

The BWFA endeavors to promote "Sound Shoeing" and public awareness of the importance of using professionally trained farriers.