The BWFA is a choice.

We offer  the choice of joining another Farrier Association.  

We continue to be dedicated to offering education and public awareness by promoting the Farrier as the most important equine professional to the overall health of the horse. 

Learn more about how government interference could affect the farrier industry and horse owners.

Learn more about how government interference could affect the farrier industry and horse owners.

The BWFA exists to help the farrier become the best that he or she can be and to help farriers be successful as professional and FREE business men and women.

What is the BWFA?

The BWFA is a farriers association (an approved 501(c)6 trade association) that believes in and supports all farriers regardless of their level of shoeing experience.

Our goal is to help farriers improve their skills and move them toward education instead of pushing them away through testing that intimidates and discourages them.

The BWFA was originated to promote farrier science through continuing education and to provide technical and personal assistance to the farrier and his or her business. It is the intention of the BWFA to make these services available to all dues-paying members in an unbiased manner.


The BWFA's goals are to inform the public and offer continuing education for farriers.

The BWFA has two divisions:

School owners developed the BWFA farrier certification & testing as it exists today.

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