Renew Your Membership

Past Due Members
If your dues are behind and you would like to renew, you can pay $85.00 to renew your membership.
The Board of Directors no longer requires you to retest.

However, if you wish to upgrade you will have to
1. Pay your back dues   
2. Pay consecutively for 1 year for Journeyman I, 3 years for Journeyman II, 7 years for Master Farrier.

In order to renew your dues, please print the renewal form and send it in with
your check, money order or credit card information
or you can call our office with a credit card.

Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm EST

US Residents
Annual Dues are $85.00
Lifetime Membership is $450.00
Renewal Form

International Residents
Annual Dues $150.00
Lifetime Membership $550.00
International Renewal Form