BWFA members weigh in on Farrier Licensing..

Submitted July 20, 2015

I am not for farrier licensing in your great state of Georgia, in my state of Ohio or any state. I can get on board with opposing this. It will be detrimental to the farriers’ business. I know and you know that working with vets is a joke for most farriers. Some may disagree with me but horseshoeing in Ohio is not that good. I have worked with new farrier students for 10 plus years in Florida and Ohio and am currently teaching my granddaughter the trade.  We need more young people learning and involved.  I am planning on relocating my home to Florida in the near future to live and shoe. I have a lot of years left in this business.  I am sure licensing is a topic there also.

I will be down in Georgia this fall and would like to discuss how bad of a deal this would be for our future with fellow BWFA members. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts in this “Members Only” section.

Butch Thomas, Journeyman II, of Ohio, member since 1996,