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Farrier licensing is being discussed all over farrier blogs, website, at conventions, etc brought up again by AFA Member Walt Taylor. This is not the first time in the last 30 or more years.  BWFA/AFA member Barry Denton has been in the business for 30 plus years and has a good remark for Mr. Taylor. A newcomer BWFA Farrier has a comment and a concerned owner whose BWFA farrier told her about it. A good variety.


After reading original letters we received in 2015, you should have an immediate reaction. Tell us what you think. There it is in black and white.

Another letter we received Jan. 20, 2016 will be posted in February…trying to take back some of his remarks taken negatively. 


Be cautious of surveys on Farrier Licensing. Are these surveys coming from farriers or owners who are politically or government influenced? Animal groups who will have their own agenda? Government offices that just see visions of dollar signs by way of farrier licensing fees for their states with no idea how intricate this TRADE, yes trade is. Comments should be from the hard working owners and farriers who paid their own way through school and operate their own small business all on their own !!!


BWFA Renewal Dues: There was a surge in the last part of 2015 due to the license scare. There is no doubt that farriers should belong to a group to prove their education and credentials to others. If your renewal dues and information is not updated in our system…..you are no longer a member! Same goes for you Lifetimers, if you are not current, you are lost. If you have new info, email and face book, let us know.


As a member of the American Horse Council since 1992, we will keep abreast of any conversations related to farriers. Our letters are going out to congressmen and women all over the U.S. Be assured that the BWFA’s voice has been heard in the past and will be in the future. 


Other topics…

Practice Forge Classes and new topics are planned for every month in the new Calendar

A farrier rig and tools are for sale in Florida by a non BWFA farrier.

New Product reviews at the FNRC are:

Eclipse Products from Ric Redden’s company

An unusual shoe style from a new company, Incast Inc. called the Flexxon Shoe

A different bonding material to try from an individual

More good information on light therapy for equine from Chris Glover

Case Study ongoing with Kevin Peadin in Florida with a club footed colt is coming along

A lot of conversations with members not yet ready to announce