How the BWFA Promotes the Farrier & Free Trade in the Farrier Industry

The BWFA was the first farrier association to allow horseshoeing schools, known as master educators, to design the BWFA certification testing.  (1989)

The BWFA was the first farrier association to sponsor clinics on hoof care and shoeing for horse owners.  (1989)

The BWFA created the first research lab to study farrier science, which evolved into The Farriers National Research Center (FNRC) (1992).

The BWFA was the first farrier association to establish an injured farriers fund to help ease the financial burden of injured farriers and their families. (1993)

The BWFA took a giant step in keeping the farrier trade free by establishing and building the first and only Farriers’ National Research Center & School to be owned and operated by caring horse owners and farriers.  The FNRC is the only research center of its kind and exists to serve farriers and horse owners alike.  This facility provides continuing education and CEU credits towards a degree and teaching certificates in Farrier Science.  The doors are open to ALL farriers, not just those belonging to the BWFA.  (2000)

The BWFA was the first farrier association to co-sponsor a nationally aired television show, known today as “Horseshoe’n Time” (2000)

The BWFA established The National Equine & Hoof Research Foundation to help advance Farrier Science.  (2000) (The NEHRF is an approved 501 (c) 3 charitable and educational entity dedicated to scientific research)

The BWFA was the first farrier association to offer and implement CEU credits towards degrees in Farrier Science.  (2004)

The BWFA is governed by active (dues paying) members, not by a small select committee, and asks all members to follow the BWFA pledge:    I will support the BWFA and farriery industry by barring discrimination and criticism in any way towards any individual, educator, school, organization, fellow member or working farrier.  I will support those who are attempting to make the farriery trade his or her professional business.

The BWFA is an organization that exists to represent the farrier and protect their rights.  It is constructed on a system of democracy where majority rules.