By:Max Williams

March 2016


In regards to Farrier Licensing:

"Once you give power to the Government it is nearly impossible to get it back, and will be used in ways you cannot expect" (Garry Kasparov)Let’s get to the nut cutting.  It is demented to consider involving the government to regulate the Farrier profession. On average Federal agencies and department issue 8000 regulations per year, and at the present time there are over 80,000 pages of government regulations and most are very inefficient and controlled by some snot nose bureaucrat who has absolutely no experience in our profession. (by the way these numbers are not inflated like Walt's )  So, why would any sane person want to impose another regulation on their own profession?    

It is my belief, Barry is right on. I have said the same thing over the years when this subject comes up, only I cannot articulate it as well as Mr. Denton.

It is asinine for Walt and his cronies to believe that Government regulating our profession will benefit horses, donkeys and mules.  I would think if Walt is so concerned about all the millions of equine destroyed because of unqualified Farrier's he would have developed his own skills to the highest level; as an example, rather than preach to the rest of us who have accomplished that high level; And telling me  the government regulations will make me better.  

This is my 51st. year of shoeing or teaching horseshoeing.  Never has any owner or trainer asked me if I had a license, permit or anything else.  They do not care.  Only, they will care when the price of shoeing goes up because of govt. reg.  Most just want the finished job to look good and their horse isn't lame, that's all the regulations needed. If a shoer cannot do that he will not be in the business long.  No govt. reg. will improve the quality of work; only personal incentive will do that. What govt. regulations will do, is raise the cost of shoeing, loss of our freedom and liberty and increase the coffers of the Government with additional taxes, fees and fines.  Individuals like Walt and his cronies believe that the working man is too incompetent to think for themselves.  Its people like Walt that are so insecure about there on abilities they need the govt. to protect them.  

Having experienced a similar situation in the past, I believe this has very little to do with helping horses.  Walt and his buddy’s, I think, they have an under lying agenda which is to have only one horseshoeing school in the United States, for their own profit.

Govt. Reg. on farriers will not affect me at this stage of my shoeing career.  But, for what it’s worth, here is my advice to all schools, younger shoers, as well as owners and trainers.   You better jerk down your hat, get off your butt get involved and fight back against Walt and any government regulations. All I can say if you are for government regulations; you’re dumber than a rusty anvil.