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Attention BWFA Members in the Western U.S. BWFA Farrier Special Event!

You are invited to a Farrier Meeting hosted by a BWFA Member

Link Casey, BWFA President 
of Georgia will attend if there are 10 or more BWFA members committed!
If so, on the Friday before, a separate meeting can be planned in the Scottsdale or Phoenix areas for BWFA certification upgrade. ONLY IF 10 OR MORE REQUEST IT !!
Special attention to all BWFA Members, current, past due, annual and lifetime
2015 is election year for the BWFA board, officers and committees. We are looking for dedicated farriers to meet Link and step up and volunteer their time for their area. There are several western members desiring to form chapters or just groups in their states. 
This is the time to discuss the possibilities.  

*Must call the BWFA Headquarters in Georgia to reserve your space with an fee of $85.00 paid in advance*
(706) 397-8047

Arizona Clinic Date:  Saturday, July 18, 2015

Host and Clinician: Barry Denton, BWFA TESTER, Master Farrier, Master Blacksmith, BWFA Hall of Fame Member & past member of the BWFA Board of Directors.  Specializing in a successful Reining AQHA Horse business with  40 plus years’ experience

Location: his ranch, the BarUbar Ranch in “cool” Skull Valley, Arizona

Contact Number: 928-442-3290   
 Contact email:
Website and directions:

Topics: Making a Living 
Making your job more efficient and Picking up your speed 
(no horses to shoe or certification offered by attending)

Cost:  Free admission

Barry is inviting all farriers of all associations and non-members to

attend free with a special interest in getting more

BWFA members together.