"A Farriers Opinion on Licensing"

By: Chris Hadel

May 2016

Read carefully. Looks like if licensing occurred, none of the vet orgs or farrier orgs could directly control it. We would wind up controlled by non horsey state employees and animal rights activists. Even then we could fight most regulation almost indefinitely.

Good news is that no vet or farrier org is going to want licensing if they can't be in charge. States won't want to license any vocation that isn't already licensed. That would be a huge expensive pain in the ass for the states, who already have to completely reconfigure all their existing licensing
Boards and deal with lawsuits for years that will roll back many existing regs (included will be many changes to VPA's). We need to stay out of those legal battles as much as possible, do good work, and build good relations with freedom minded farriers/ vets/ bodyworkers/ trainers/ horse owners. We need to continue to constantly strive to continue to educate ourselves and improve the quality of our work. Voluntarily.