Items to be placed in raffle      updated 5/6/2010

Stockhoff’s Horseshoes and Supplies 5 $50.00 gift certificates

Frank Cadena - 2 Hoof Dressings 

Dan Marcum - 1 Free Flexion and Stretching Exam ($35.00 value)

Life Data - T-shirts

Scott Ledbetter - Children’s horse books, Toys and Gifts 

FNRC Variety of Aluminum Shoes, 1 horse, 1 pony

Casey School Variety of Steel Shoes and Hand Tools, 1 used JHM 70lb Basic Anvil, 1 pair Nolan Hoof Plates, 3 Shoe-Tru Magnetic Toe Clip,

Horseshoe’n Time Autographed hats

BWFA T-shirts, hats, 1 Brass Belt Buckle ($50.00 value), 1 Free New or Renewal Membership ($85.00 value)

Horseshoeing Plus 1 Free Dental Exam and Floating ($85.00 value)

EQ-WELL Nikken - $25.00 Gift Certificate toward a purchase

Vettec 1 Premium Dispensing Gun, 2 Regular Dispensing Guns, 2 Tool Bags

Mobile Milling 2 15lb Super Bio-Zin Hoof Supplements, 2 16oz Hoof Mate Antiseptic, 2lb Exer-Lyte Electrolytes, 4 Exer-Lyte “To Go” Pkts, 2 8lb bio-Zin Daily and hats.

Anvil Brand The “New” Sport Horse Glue-On Horseshoes, 1 pair

E3 Live for Horses - 1 16oz Flakes Supplement

Quick Fix Hoof Wraps 1Equine Hoof Bandage

Equicast, Inc.  2 Rolls

Delta/Mustad Hoof Marvel- hoof re-moisturizer

Whup-A-Bug Bug Repellant

AirShod Pads & Pump 1 pair, size 0

Robbie Shuler Anvil Vise