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The BWFA is a choice

We offer  the choice of joining another Farrier Association.  

We continue to be dedicated to offering education and public awareness by promoting the Farrier as the most important equine professional to the overall health of the horse. 

The BWFA's goals are to inform the public and offer continuing education for farriers.

The BWFA has two divisions. 

  • Membership with a Board of Directors                       
  • Master Educators with a Board of Directors which are school owners

The school owners developed the BWFA farrier certification as we have it today.

For Continuing Education Clinics visit the FNRC web site by clicking here


BWFA Membership  

  • Levels

  • Benefits

  • Certified Farrier Member
  • Farrier Member (non-certified)
  • Veterinarian or Company Member
  • Horse Owner Member
  • Foreign Member (Outside U.S)

We have Annual Memberships and Lifetime Memberships

For more information on these levels go to the Certification Page.

  • National Farrier Referral Program
  • Discounts on Personal Accident & Cancer Insurance Policies through Aflac
  • Quarterly News Bulletin
  • The Farriers' National Research Center
  • The National Equine Hoof & Research Foundation
  • Horseshoe'n Time TV Show sponsor
  • The BWFA Annual Convention
  • State Chapters- see listing
  • Clinics
  • Certification
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Master Educator Schools
  • Injured Farrier Fund
  • Hoofcare Hotlines- see listing
  • Personal webpage


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