Meet the Nominees

Dan Marcum

My name is Dan Marcum and I would like to continue to be a board member of the BWFA. I always strive to find more and better things that can help our four legged horse friends, whether it be in the farrier service or in other areas. My research has helped me to develop Equine Flexion Therapy. I believe that this system can greatly help the farrier and that is my greatest desire to help and teach others to keep a sound horse. The correlation between the horses feet, a farrier and the rest of the horse is very great. All things work together. It gives me great joy to be able to share with the BWFA the things that I have learned. I will work to promote the BWFA and to help you.
— Dan Marcum

Chris Glover

After graduating from Casey & Son 18 years ago, I joined the FNRC Board and the BWFA. Each new integrative technique that I have learned through BWFA conventions and FNRC studies, especially Equine Flexion Therapy, has made me a better farrier with more knowledge than just knowing how to tack on a shoe.

Ron Jacobs

Ron is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who has chosen a second career in the farrier industry upon retirement from military service. He is a graduate of Casey & Son Horseshoeing School and holds additional certification in Equine Flexion Therapy. 

I would be honored to be a part of the team.
— Ron Jacobs

Daniela Schatz

I have been a board member for a few years now and would like to continue to help my fellow farriers to understand the many facets our horse profession carries. By educating horse owners, I make them see that we are not all strong back, but actually know what we do and talk about it. I would like to invite some of our members to speak at our conventions and spread their knowledge.
— Daniela Schatz